Martel Family Genealogy

In memory of my grandparents Michail and Katharina (Fuchs) Martel Jr.

Martel ancestors from the colonies Dehler (Beresowka) and Brabander (Kaziskaja) located in the Canton Kukkus, Volga River Region, Russia.

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The Ukranian Flag colors used here are to show our support for the brave men, women, and children of Ukraine.

The tragic war of 2022 is a criminal act of war crimes perpetrated by Russia upon the Sovegein Nation of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

We give honor to those who have lost their lives in this unconscionable war and express our deepest sympathies to their families and friends.

Glory to Ukraine!


Henrich Martel

Konrad Martel

Johann Jakob Martel

Michail Martel Sr.

Katharina Martel

Eva Marie Martel

Agnessia Martel

Michail Martel Jr.

Johannes Peter Martel Sr.

Alexander Michael Martel Sr.

Johann M. Martel

Andreas Martel

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